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Welcome! Please visit our newer site for more recent info and video from Parris Jaru’s Closing Party

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For more info about Gelato! Events, you can email Garón Peterson at’


Gelato! Art Salon & Miwa Alex Hair Salon Presents Parris Jaru Closing Exhibition Party

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Parris Closing Miwa Alex Updated Performers




PARRIS JARU hails from Jamaica, and is one of those rare dedicated young artists who solely supports himself with his paintings. Starting by selling his works on the streets of SOHO, he has since acquired a growing list of collectors and just recently finished his biggest commission to date, a piece sold in the 5 figure range.

PARRIS JARU has been presenting brand new paintings for sale at the exclusive venue of the 

Now is your chance to acquire one of his most recent beautiful works for your home, business or personal collection before he heads of to Africa for the Spring.

MIWA IKEGAMI, the founder of the salon, was an accomplished artist herself and supported many artists with valuable wall space and exhibitions at her spacious hair salon on 22nd street between Broadway and Park Ave South.

The show opened Saturday November 17th and closes Sunday, January 6th.

Private appointments for showing and meeting the artist are available. Please contact:

Garón Peterson@


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Gelato! Photo Slide Show 2012 “I CAN LOSE MYSELF” @ NOoSPHERE Arts July 13th

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Photography on Flyer by Luzena Adams






Gelato! Photo Slide Show 2012 

NOoSPHERE Arts 251 East Houston St, NY

Please visit our new site @


Gelato! Photo Slide Show ” I CAN LOSE MYSELF

Gelato! Photo Slide Show ” I CAN LOSE MYSELF Program/ Photographers

A Beautiful New Season is Upon Us! Happy Autumn!

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Hello to all of our Friends and Supporters of  the
Gelato!  Art Salon Collective!


Park in Prentzlauerberg, Berlin, Germany

From Gisella Sorrentino & Garon Peterson,

We are finally getting to send out this update after what has been a very busy year for us here at Gelato!  with personal projects and travel. It’s been a year of restructuring and rethinking here at of Gelato!  and of course of enjoying life.

It is very important to us to decide where we would like to take the collective in the near future, and not just to do events for the sake of doing events. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, we are now aiming to bring Gelato!  into a business oriented art collective. In this way we will be taking the first steps in connecting what we do with traveling for fun and profit!

As some of you may know, last year we went to Africa on the invitation of an Italian NGO called Miche to teach art workshops to children and young adults in Ifakara, Tanzania. The experience was incredible! Check out the work by the photography students taught by Gisella, here on the Tanzania  page on our weebly site. Please consider buying the beautiful photo prints from these young artists. The money will be sent directly to the Cultural Center and we will ship the prints to you as soon as possible! they will look great in your home and you’ll truly have a piece of Africa as yours forever. We also traveled to Kenya and met with several artists. African and European, who live and worked there.

We had the pleasure to meet in Kenya the director of a well known Cultural arts Center called the Go Down, and we were offered by them to consider returning to do an artist residency there with any members of Gelato! who should like to come with us.

Our last travel took us in June and July into the heart of Europe, to London, Germany and Italy. Gisella  Sorrentino and I, Garon Peterson,  as the founders of the Gelato!  Collective, feel it’s important to travel and seek out new opportunities to sell artwork and films and to find new venues to exhibit in. We did meet a lot of interesting contacts, amazing artists, gallery owners, musicians, etc, and are staying in touch with them to see what can develop in the near future.

Our ultimate goal is to do wonderful art shows in as many cities as we can and to grow the Gelato! community network globally. If we can help to facilitate artists in their travels, selling their artwork globally, and connecting and experiencing good times together, then we would have fulfilled our mission!



Kulture Festival In Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


Our visit to Germany was to attend the opening of the NORD Art summer festival @ Kunstwerk Carlshuttle, Budelsdorf, Germany. I am very proud to say that Gisella was picked out of 2000 applicants to exhibit 4 beautiful photography prints from her new series. She produced large scale 40 inch square C-prints for the show

You can see them on the festivals website & virtual tour of the exhibition space, the link are below and in the news section about Gisella’s works. Come back next week when we will write more about the artists we met and post some photos from our trip to Berlin and Tropea Italy! There is also a photo slide show on the weebly home page.

Lastly, this wordpress site has really been a blessing and has worked extremely well for us in the past. We are still going to keep it operational, but it will be used more as a archive site of our beginnings. We’ve been slowly phasing in our sister Gelato! Weebly site, also because it’s much easier for us to manage. So we have just spent the last few weeks after returning from our trip to update all the pages of our Weebly website and we’ve added new much more interactive sections.  This truly represents what we feel Gelato! is all about!

These sections are: News,   Recent Art WorksThe Art StoreGelato! Community, and Gelato! International. We are currently accepting submissions for art to be posted in Recent Art Works,  and news and events for our News,  section.There’s also a new Gelato! Film Festival News, section, filmmakers go here.

We are very excited about our Community  and  International pages, which features the first Gelato!  public forum page ever! The International page forum helps us connect easily and personally to our many friends overseas, and will facilitate our global community to connect to each other, while the Community page takes care of that here at home in NY.

Try it out now! Just log in with gmail, yahoo account, or a number of other ways, and join our forum as a member and reply to or start topics of your own. Look into the International page to see what are friends from Europe are posting regarding travel, accommodations or events!

You can also check the Gelato! Room Rental topic to look for temporary rooms to rent or to post a room for rent of your own. We hope to have more and more content in these pages by the years end so please feel free to contribute often : )

Please send submission requests to or fill out one of the contact forms available on certain pages.

You can also take a look at the this video of the opening linked below:

(around minute 4:00 you can see Gisella’s pieces)

Love and Blessings to Everyone!!!

Gisella Sorrentino

Garon Peterson


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Happy New Year! to everyone from all of us here at Gelato!

This is an letter to express our thanks and appreciation to Everyone who helped us at Gelato!Art Salon to make 2010 an incredible year!
By way of remembering we started the year coming back from a highly successful week long event in Rome. We met beautiful Artists and Gallery’s owners and we also made many valuable connections. In the spring we began a partnership with Rachael Afolabi of Aeon Logic Gallery and Dexter Taylor of Brooklyn Movie Labs.  In May and June Brooklyn Movie Labs held the presentation of Gelato! Film Festival and Gelato! Photo Slide Show. The shows were well attended, we screened new directors and showcased a jazz band from Belgium and a local singer songwriter doing experimental music. In July Gelato! Art Salon returned to Italy when we were invited by s.t. foto galleria libreria, a photo gallery in the centre of Rome, to present the Gelato! Photo Slide Show as an exhibition. 

As many of you may know, last Christmas we made the aquaintance of two women in Rome, Susanne and Maria Agnese of the NGO Associazione Miche who invited us to hold art workshops in Ifakara, Tanzania. We weren’t sure if it really could happen or not and we spent a lot of time emailing them back and forth to get details and specifics on the undertaking. Finally, in the summer time, months of planning culminated in our finalizing our trip to Africa and agreeing to go.

So, the rest of our Gelato! Art Salon agenda for the year was devoted entirely to our trip to Africa. We left in the beginning of October and we were there for one amazing month. We met the most generous and powerful people you can imagine and had the pleasure of being able to hold workshops in Photography for young adults and in Art for children. We will be posting stories of our travels and pictures in an upcoming newsletter and on our new blog.

All of us here at Gelato! Art Salon are very thankful to the artists who donated equipment and supplies for the workshop, to the people in NY who helped us to organize and to the artists in Ifakara who hosted us and helped us to arrange everything there.The cultural centre El Taller de Pilar and the kids in Ifakara were really appreciative. We are also extremely thankful to all the people who came out to our events here in New York and in Africa.

We have been busy setting up an online store where you can purchase fine art and other various  crafts from our artists, we hope to have it up soon.

Thanks again for your interest and we wish you All the Best for 2011!!!

Gelato!Art Salon

Garon Peterson

Gisella Sorrentino