Gelato! Art Salon


Gelato! is an Art/Video Salon is the truest sense of the word. It is a collaborative community where you can immerse yourself in a beautiful environment with positive energies and people. You can relax and chill, purchase beautiful handcrafted items from our store made by artists devoted to spreading beauty. You can connect with and view a fine arts exhibition, or you can be a part of the show. You can enter into business relationships with your favorite artists or perhaps partner with them on future projects.

We screen movies, films, documentaries from our members or undiscovered treasures from the wide world of cinema from any decade. In one room a photo camera is always set up, for you to tap into your photographic ambitions behind the camera or in front with props and makeup. In another room you may watch a performance artists newest work or a belly dancer bringing Middle Eastern flavor to Gelato! In the main room, we showcase live music, acoustic or electric, solo or bands. At each Gelato! we endeavor to shoot a quick short film, guerrilla style, with whatever equipment we have and with any one who wants to be in it, whether they are actors or not.

It is a place where you can bring your children to come to draw with paint, pastels or model with clay, and where you can as well. It is a potluck, we provide some food and drink for donations, but most everyone is glad to come and share their favorite dish or drink with everyone else. And at the end of the main agenda we all put on our dancing shoes and groove to a guest DJ.

It is an environment that is always open to new ideas, as long as they foster harmony, community and brings blessings to all. It is all this and much more, but more importantly it is a place where vibrant people enjoy themselves, enjoy life and enjoy actually working together on a regular basis to construct something beautiful. It is a an Art/Video Salon that will extend its reach in various venues locally and with a bit of hard work, internationally.


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