Gelato! Art Salon

Gelato! Collective Principles

Participating in Gelato! Minimum Requirements

Communal Efforts :

As Gelato! is an independent arts Collective it only exists dues to the contributions and physical efforts of its participants. Simply put this means, “Everyone contributes something physically and /or monetarily, in some way shape or from”. We cannot exist with 10 people paying for and working for 20-30 artists who do not wish to contribute to the shows success. If you do not agree with this concept please do not submit to the show. Just come and enjoy it!

Our Principles

Participation :

Our goals are to transform ourselves as well as society in some way. This can only happen through a tactile, sensual, physical experience. Change By Doing. All are invited to transform themselves through participation.

Inclusion (Acceptance) :

Anyone and everyone may be a part of Gelato! all we require is that you bring harmonious energy and a willingness t work towards our goals.

Self Expression :

What treasure you have buried inside of you, you’re invited to unearth and offer respectfully as a gift to the world.

Self Reliance :

All are encouraged to dig down deep inside themselves and discover the depth of character that results from finding and using your own inner resources.

Giving :

Gelato! exists due to spontaneous acts of love and kindness, volunteering and focused attention. Gelato! participants are motivated by the joys that come from giving and the inspiration that comes from receiving spontaneously.

Community :

Gelato! members unite and meet within an environment of cooperation and collaboration Gelato! thereby creating a unique space for individual, personal, artistic transformation and development.

Spontaneity :

Everything in life can’t be planned before hand, nor should it be. You may run into that special someone going back to Europe in one month and who wants to collaborate on a piece with you. Go on do it. That’s what life’s about.


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