Gelato! Art Salon

Gelato! Structure


Gelato! Collective :

We are a collective of Like minded and International Artists coming together to produce events and projects that are transformative and participatory in nature in order to infuse new life into the art world in much the same way a devout group of followers infused new life into long dead gods. Each event is like a ritual and ceremony invoking the muses of the arts. Just as if the gods are useless to humans if they are to far away to interact with their creations, so to the lofty heights which the art world has used to separate art from the masses in order to commodify it for the financial benefit of a few has caused the unnatural separation and alienation of the people from their birthright to make and enjoy a life fully enhanced with artistic qualities.

Gelato! Collective has set out to be the channel that connects the people to the art within themselves. Now.

LIVE. YOUR ART. NOW.” Our Mantra

Gelato! Art Salon :

Is the main means  by which we carry out our mission. It is a monthly interactive creative space where we display and introduce our talents and call out our muses through performance, interaction, and love.

It is here where other artists on similar journeys may come and join in our ritual by bringing one of their own. It is through witnessing these performances and live art that our visitors begin to hear their own muses calling to them, and to do so in an environment that gives them the opportunity to answer the call right away.

They do this by picking up tools to paint or draw, a camera to photograph, music to dance to, watching an inspiring short film or slide show, food to eat or simply great conversation with a new friend.

Gelato! Fine Arts Gallery and Store :

Is where those who have been affected by our enthusiasm, energy and dedication, can adopt a new baby of artistic creation and care for it for the rest of their lives , or until it decides to move out on its own to join with another in holy matrimony. We Gelato! Artists of ten  give birth to new creations that are as anxious as we are to enjoy their earthly experience.

Gelato! Film Festival :

The gods like to watch themselves as much as we do, and here, experiences that have been channel prior to our events are presented for our viewing and reflection. The themes are befitting the deep introspection that comes with our members insights in to the human condition

Store fronts in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Café’s, Galleries, Fully preset

Gelato! Slide Show :

Memories are transient, yet they can sometimes be frozen for all eternity, for eternal reflection. Shall the gods view their still images with music, a vocal narrative or silent like the mountains at high altitudes?

Street Viewings, Café’s, Galleries, Store fronts in Brooklyn and Manhattan

Fully preset

Beginning for free, then for hire – dept heads to drop off package.

Gelato! Performance and Outreach :

The body we inhabit becomes the art and is joined with the tools of art making in color, sound, movement, and feeling. The marriage of our created baby godlings with our physical bodies. To be seen in the Gelato! Event, but most importantly to reach out among the mortals in the street like a radiant lantern held aloft in a darkened forest.

Street Action, Café’s, Galleries and Loft Parties

Some places for free, some places for hire – dept heads to drop off package

Gelato! The Pilgrimage Tour 2009-2010 :

We decided to begin our European journey in Rome, Italy in December. Gisella will talk to the Gallery in Rome to confirm dates and level of participation/help from the Trastevere Gallery.

There is no better way to bring in the New Year!

The collective must come up with an easy to transport very creative show/Event including live performance, poetry, theatre, film and participatory events.We are fairly sure that no one is doing what we are doing in Italy right now.

Then we will plan the Berlin. Paris Sweden, etc trip for the spring.

Unless further considerations are added, the trip will be for Christmas in Rome and for 3 weeks. The two weeks before Christmas and into the first week of January. Some of us can do an exploratory trip to Berlin, Paris and Sweden to begin to set up the next tour. We will return and commence the next Gelato! in March. It will then be done every three months or for each season. This gives us time to do the next tour.

The next tour will be in the summer!


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