Gelato! Art Salon

Ilse “Boogie” Rumes

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tn_3Ilse “Boogie” Rumes.

I’m a Belgian filmmaker who loves traveling and is the creator of Hybrid Lounge.

In Hybrid Lounge I do everything, from doing the research, directing, filming, editing to making some of the background music.

Hybrid Lounge is a video show which explores and celebrates the cultures of the world through music and art.
We do this in order to gain a better understanding of where people are coming from, what is their world view, how did it form, how is it different from ours, how does this affect our interactions?
We believe that this understanding is necessary if we want to come together and collaborate on solving the problems of the 21st century.

Our underlying philosophy is one of interconnectedness; we are linked on an economic, political and a spiritual level. None of us can exist on our own, but at the same time we celebrate the differences : what a great party of color, sound, smell and taste this is!

Of course we also just really love the music and want to know more about it. The music we feature has one requirement: it has to have, in one form or another, a “root” so that we can explore the culture from there. This includes of course world music, but also global electronica, hybrid hip hop, nu jazz and anything else that can give us a better insight in peoples spiritual and cultural inspiration.
Hybrid Lounge has screenings on the web, in different events and has its own public access tv show in NYC.
Hybrid Lounge is part of a non-profit organization fighting for tolerance and cross cultural understanding.
”Hybrid Lounge Productions, vzw” is a non-profit production house from Belgium that aims to break down racial barriers and to replace fear of foreign cultures with a celebration of intercultural differences.


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