Gelato! Art Salon

Eric A. Dahl

Gelato! Performance Art Dept Director.

Eric A. Dahl, AKA the cosmic cowboy… My life is my canvas. I have described myself as a healing, visual and performing artist. My work is about my experience as a human life form. What is the Human experience? Furthermore–what is it like to inhabit Eric Dahl’s body? It is an exploration in what he feels, senses and experiences and how he expresses himself on this planet. In my work the human body is the user interface to this amazing place called earth and the adventure called life. Each of us is given a unique and complex piece of machinery we call our body and specially equipped with 5 or more senses that gather and process information about the people, places and experiences that we interact with every moment of our life. It is through these 5 senses that we may become more keenly aware of our unique situation here on earth and more appreciative of our bodies allowing the innate intelligence of the body to guide us through our journey.

I believe in using this machinery to its utmost potential and living life to its fullest. I count on my partner the “Cosmic Cowboy” to help me do this. When I express myself authentically a connection is made with the inner most places that is uniquely me. I have therefore expressed myself in many art forms and help others to do the same. When people make a genuine connection with themselves they are happier and more aware of themselves and more able to connect with the world around them, helping to create a global community. Over my 10 year+ career as a massage therapist and healing arts practitioner I have helped people lead more healthier happier lives this is very gratifying. I have performed in a wide variety of productions. The ones I have most enjoyed and proud of are 8 years working with Earth Celebrations and the Rights of Spring Procession and the Winter Pageant (, Noemie Lafrance’s Agora II (, and Marisa Yudkin’s Wild Woman’s Chorea. Presently I am proud to act as dept head of the performance art dept. of Gelato! Art salon. The Art collective has allowed me to express myself in many different mediums from photography, and video to healing arts and of course installations and performance art. My currant ongoing project is the acclaimed live TV.

Show “The Colors Project” where I play the character “L’Orange!” (

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