Gelato! Art Salon


Gelato! in Brooklyn

by Daniel Dissinger

“Architecture is always a temporary modification of the space, of the city; of the landscape… we think that it’s permanent. But we never know.” This quote from architect Jean Nouvel challenges how one can interpret a space, or appropriate several hundred square feet of a Brooklyn loft. Can a copious collection of experimental paintings and daring photography temporarily repair a crumbling brick wall? And if you mix artists from as far as Italy and as local as 178 Walworth street, does it make Gelato!

Started in 2007 by visual artists Garon Peterson and Gisella Sorrentino, the Gelato! Art Salon has matured into a monthly exhibition that houses a stimulating variety of artistic forte. From eye pleasing photography by Naheed Choudhy to the challenging multimedia world of Tanda Francis—as well as a fashion show, live music, and video projection—Gelato! Art Salon covers a wide range of creativity in a considerable amount of mediums.

Last month—February 22, 2009—I attended the Gelato! Art Salon. Even though I had arrived later in the evening, and the initial showing was over, there was still electricity in the air. I was warmly greeted by co-founder Garon Peterson, who specializes in illustration and silk screening of the mythological and erotic. Garon introduced me to a head spinning amount of artistic talent, such as painter Parris Jaru. I found that Parris’s work with plant powder pigments, acrylic, and oil paints, interestingly emphasized the textural elements of these mediums. At the same time, his wide, sharp cuts and strokes created an abstract presentation that colorfully bends a viewer’s spatial perception of landscape. The work displayed that night challenged the rules of conventional art exhibitions. I was treated to finished works and ambitiously detailed works in progress. I was able to get up real close—nose to the paper, hands on the canvas, inside these precise worlds—without so much as a word of warning from anyone.

The personable environment of this fourth floor loft complemented the unpretentious attitude represented in each work of the imagination. From the warm ink work of Florian Le Bris to the moving photographs of Italian photographer Alessandro Vecchi, one could feel the humble beginnings of a childlike friendship being started between the artistic work, the artist, and the viewer.

On March 22, 2009, Gelato! Art Salon will host another of its monthly exhibitions. The festivities will begin at 3p.m and will run late into the night. Along with a daring display of fine art, there will also be: video projections, belly dancing, live musical performances, and storytelling. Visit the Gelato! Art Salon’s website at for more information and for directions to the event.

Come and support local talent!

Daniel Dissinger, In Stereo Press, the audio zine


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